Trump Delivers for His Supporters

Trump’s immigration bill sounds very reasonable from this article. Finally, the lottery might actually go away, which is great. Overall, bringing the US system closer to that of Canada is a decidedly good idea. I have experience of both, and Canada’s is vastly superior. 

Again, I’ve only read this one article. Maybe there are things in the bill the article skipped over. We all know I don’t like to discuss the texts I haven’t read so I’m only discussing the article.


5 thoughts on “Trump Delivers for His Supporters”

    1. There will be more no matter what. These are unrelated things. At least, the lottery will be gone and then the lottery winners bringing all the relatives, etc. I know some lottery winners and they are desperately unhappy here. But there’s nowhere to go back. Who won from enticing them over here to suffer is a mystery.


        1. Anyway, I don’t learn English to emigrate in USA (No chance to do that for me), but maybe for the rest of Canada.

          Québec have been become a cheap-labor economy for a long time, so…


  1. I don’t even pretend to understand immigration policy, so I’ll just take your word for now. If it’s good policy, there’s a good chance my Democratic senator will support it. He’s always taken a reasonable view on immigration.


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