How Neoliberalism Defeats the Young

The way it works is this. You recruit some excitable young people into neo-Nazi groups. You recruit some more excitable youths into the Antifa. Then you sic them on each other. 

While they whoop each other’s asses, they represent no threat to the neoliberal order. Thus, the young population that could potentially question this order is declawed, defanged, and distracted.

In the meantime, the general public is horrified and will that more easily accept one of the pillars of neoliberalism, which is securitization


5 thoughts on “How Neoliberalism Defeats the Young”

    1. The state no longer provides welfare. Instead, it claims to provide security from mostly invented threats. There is increasing police presence, monitoring, surveillance, complex if meaningless airport security procedures. The slogan is “you are surveiled for your own good.” And people mostly agree.

      The trick here is that the real sources of fear and anxiety (uncertainty of existence, employment, etc) is substituted with invented ones.


  1. All the young leftists I know are pro-Antifa and it makes me sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my friends joined up.

    In your view, what is an effective way of stopping this scourge? Protesting is good, but it’s not going to stop what’s happening all on its own. I don’t have any idea what would be effective.


    1. I wish people didn’t so easily buy into fake, entirely manufactured divisions. There is no conflict between free speech and anti-racism, for instance. None. But right now it looks like a ton of time and energy will be wasted on inane arguments about whether free speech is always good.


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