The Role of the Antifa

ā€‹“The local Indivisible chapter organized a peace vigil downtown here last Sunday in solidarity with Charlottesville. It was one of many such vigils around the country. Not a Nazi symbol in sight. Yet the local antifa group that attended seemed bent on taking over what was intended to be a peaceful rally. There was a shouting match with police the organizers had requested. Later, the group split off and marched through downtown chanting slogans.” 

Oh, come on, folks, let’s stop being childish already. These facile Antifa fools – not to be confused with the many thousands of anti-Nazi protesters who are wonderful people – are being revved up from the same place that gave us our current president. You know, the one that rhymes with gremlin.

The role of the Antifa (that the excitable little tools play mostly unwittingly) is to discredit the protesters and cast a shadow over the entire progressive movement. They are fulfilling this role extremely well. And the protesters aren’t managing to throw them off until it gets too late. 


2 thoughts on “The Role of the Antifa”

  1. Gremlins… šŸ™‚ Good name for them…
    I have been called both the agent of the US State Department and the Kremlin (yes, that too) too many times. This taught me to err on the side of interpreting people’s actions as emanating from their own agency… Even if this agency emanates from foolishness. Or just from the misguided search for meaning of one’s life…
    Gremlins may be laughing out loud, but this does not mean they organized it. I guess what I am proposing is even scarier than what you are proposing. According to you, it would be enough to deal with the gremlins and the fools will magically see the light. According to me, both “saviors of the white race” and “saviors of everybody else from the saviors of the white race” are inevitable consequence of the consumerist neoliberal culture where people’s life lacks meaning. So one desperately needs some higher purpose*… Unfortunately, this problem will be present even if Gremlins disappeared tomorrow… And actually you understand these things in other context, see your own posts on neoliberalism.

    *You may not like this, but I also believe all those Russians fighting in Ukraine are doing that mostly not for money, but in misguided search for meaning and purpose that otherwise are missing from their lives.


    1. “saviors of everybody else from the saviors of the white race” is brilliant.

      And yes, I’m dumbly hoping they will see the light. I can’t believe that people are so easily falling for this traveling circus. It’s like a bout of collective insanity. So I’ll stick with my Gremlins. šŸ™‚


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