16 Minutes Before the Totality

The eclipse is unexpectedly cool, folks. I’m actually feeling it. Yay, I’m not as old and jaded as I thought I was. 

As the saying goes, after the age of 40 you have to choose whether to prolong your life or prolong your. . . Please guess the last word of the saying.


10 thoughts on “16 Minutes Before the Totality”

  1. I wasn’t in the path of totality, but I made two pinhole viewers out of Life cereal boxes. The local news was extremely happy to cover this eclipse, sending an anchor to Charleston and livestreaming it in the left hand corner.


  2. Yay! I am glad you enjoyed it. There is something to be said for having low expectations of an event. I know that the eclipse is just not that interesting scientifically (easy to explain and predict), but I imagine that actually witnessing it with a lot of other people would be a somewhat special experience. Maybe I’ll get to go to Texas in 2024. Did the thunderstorm you mentioned mean that you had cloudy skies for the event?

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    1. Yes, it was hilarious because all of a sudden people started clapping and cheering because the sun disappeared, and everybody took off their glasses. But I knew it wasn’t the time, so I was confused. But then it became clear that it wasn’t the eclipse but simply a huge thick cloud. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. It was clear here, and we’re in the 90% totality range. It was odd to go outside at the peak and feel how much the temperature dropped. Sadly, everywhere ran out of eclipse glasses quickly, but I made a pinhole viewer for me and my niece.

    It was “dark” for the time of day and for how clear it was, but nothing like total darkness


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