Oh, come on, like nobody snuck a peek on the eclipse without the glasses? You must be truly old if you weren’t even tempted. 


5 thoughts on “Old”

  1. I did but only through thick evergreens and not while the eclipse was at its peak – and it was just 2 tiny peeks, indirect. Enough to make sure the sun was looking brighter than usual, which it was despite the surrounding dimness.


  2. I was looking for the sun because it was behind a cloud, but as soon as I found it, I didn’t look straight at it without protection again. I, too, was paranoid about the eye damage it could cause. I already have pretty bad eyes, so I really need to protect them from foolish irreparable damage.


  3. There will be a number of people with permanent eye damage due to this eclipse — there always are, every time one occurs.

    It’s a joke, until several days after the eclipse when you suddenly have a permanent blind spot in your central vision that won’t ever go away.


    1. “people with permanent eye damage due to this eclipse”

      I think the operative words here are peak vs stare. When I saw the 1999 eclipse I did manage a few squinty peaks (second or two) while the totality phase was approaching and also during the totality phase itself. Permanent eye damage has yet to appear so it’s still a joke.

      Of course some idiots will stare for long periods of time, there’s no curing stupid, as they say.


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