Are You Familiar With. . .

That sinking feeling when a relative of yours posts a article titled  

If Hitler Had Won World War II We’d Have A Better, More Just World Today

And if you immediately thought “Ukrainian relative”, shame on you. 


7 thoughts on “Are You Familiar With. . .”

  1. Shame on me because I thought all your blood relatives are Ukrainian.

    I’m assuming now it’s an inlaw or a spouse of a blood relative… still, yikes! Sorry about that….


      1. ” it’s not somebody of a race that Hitler would have approved of either”

        That…… doesn’t narrow it down much….

        But, I have the idea, from a bit here a bit there, that Russians are kind of thinking about rehabilitating Hitler. Which might be hard to do since they’re socialized to think that the Soviet victory in WWII is the greatest accomplishment in human history…. but since when has doubtlethink ever bothered Russians?

        And on the other, I think the current Russian government would rehabilitate anyone who was agrainst civil society and representative (or any other kind of) democracy.


        1. Russian neo-Nazis have an elaborate system of beliefs that justifies their love of Hitler. They argue that the Slavs that Hitler wanted to eradicate were not them but the “lesser” Slavs, such as Ukrainians and Belarusians. They rely in their argument on the collaboration of General Vlasov with the Nazis. As if there hadn’t been any Ukrainian collaborators. It’s bizarre.


  2. Is the relative Jewish or Russian?

    I think the second since I don’t know any other possibilities and the first option would be too weird.


      1. IME many Latinamericans have an almost…. mystical love of Germany (and sat out WWII so they don’t have a clear idea of what happened then and there)….

        Gettin’ warmer?


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