And here’s a fresh example of what I’m talking about. According to this fellow, not only an immigrant but even a child of just one immigrant parent is not entitled to say “our American culture.” 

These fuckers don’t give a crap about immigrants. They just want to feel all superior and self-righteous in the moment. They won’t accept an immigrant as one of them no matter what he or she does or doesn’t do. 


4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy”

  1. When they talk about “those who are in this country illegally” you notice they’re always referring to those who freely cross the border from either Mexico or Latin America.
    Not once do they ever mention visitors or part-time residences who enter legitimately and legally, but then remain in this country after their VISAs expire.
    And that most of the latter category comprise European Anglos and Blacks, Asians, Eastern Europeans, and the like.
    Actually, I’m rather amused at how this author points out that Trump’s ancestors entered the U.S. AFTER the mid-19th-century fiascos involving the Civil War and the cultural “slavery” dilemma. And questioning “Why does a ‘native New Yorker’ care about the history of the south anyway?”.
    Yes, the U.S. has ALWAYS been regionally divided as well. Different parts of this country are biased towards other regions within. One could define it as “intracultural bigotry” I guess. The “civilian cold war” syndrome used to be subtle and somewhat covert (even when somewhat obvious as well), but has lately blossomed into chronic full-frontal mode.


    1. National identity is precisely this, a narrative that unites people into a “we” irrespective of where anyone is or anyone’s ancestors were. It’s impossible truly to establish who was where 200 years ago anyway.


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