There is seriously nothing dumber than the so-called ecocriticism. This is what an “ecocritic” writes about a character who is a serial killer and who murdered her disabled sister, her cousin and is planning to poison her little sister because it’s fun. The same character also likes to torture and kill small animals, of course:

This is the case, I argue, with Irlanda (1998) by Espido Freire, a novel that has been characterized as the bildungsroman of a young witch. Despite her shocking behavior, it is the contention of this essay that the protagonist’s moral development is predicated on notions of fairness, care, and other prosocial stances that ensue from her sensitivity to the natural environment.

It’s very caring, fair and “prosocial” to strangle disabled children because they compete with you for attention. Of course, if the serial killer in the novel were male, it would never occur to anybody to claim that his killings are caring and fair. But as we all know, women are caring and nurturing by default. It’s their essence. They are also deeply connected to nature in a way men aren’t. So whatever women do can be explained by these essential characteristics.


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