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Of all the images of the hurricane, this is the most shocking one to me:

What a horrible tragedy.


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12 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. anon on said:

    It turns out that picture is fake.


  2. Mankind will build his civilization just about anywhere land is convenient and the price is right.


  3. Stringer Bell on said:

    ‘Prosperity gospel’ pastor worth $50M, with mega church in Houston. These are his hurricane relief efforts for the locals in his area. Could just open his church to shelter people.


  4. Stringer Bell on said:

    This one killed me. Senior citizens stranded in a nursing home.


  5. Stringer Bell on said:


  6. Stringer Bell on said:

    Texas, the land of FREEDOM (from zoning regulations).


    • I hope at least somebody learned something from Katrina.


      • Socal dendrite on said:

        Yes, I think they did learn from Katrina: I read an interesting article about the benefits/disadvantages of evacuating vs staying in place, which suggested some lessons had been learned. I agree with the piece about metropolitan growth being partly to blame (hard to disagree really), but it is also worth remembering that this is apparently a once in 800 years scale of event.


  7. Stringer Bell on said:


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