Cutesy Baby Stories

There haven’t been any cutesy baby stories for a few days, so here goes. 

At the store, I always tell Klara, “We have to pay for our purchases before we leave.” So we come home and I start unloading the stuff I bought. Klara sees me hauling a sack of potatoes, points to it and announces, “Purchase!”

I don’t like baby language, so I always teach her the correct version of words. Today, for instance, she learned the word “laminated” because I needed to explain why her favorite and very tattered cards had suddenly become shiny and smooth. 

Something else that is ridiculously cute is that she always asks my permission before doing anything. On the playground, people are stunned at how she always asks first. She’s a very brave kid and throws herself into all kinds of activities. But only after making sure it’s ok. And the funniest part? I didn’t teach her that. I had no idea it was an option.  


2 thoughts on “Cutesy Baby Stories”

    1. When Klara was little, she was sleeping in her stroller and we passed a woman with a girl who was about 5 years old. Maybe 4, but definitely not younger.
      “Look, the baby is nighty-night!” the mother exclaimed. The girl looked old enough to understand “the baby is sleeping.”


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