Too Late

Rauner signed a bill making Illinois a sanctuary state and creating automatic voter registration. Yay, of course, but we can’t forget everything that came before he grew desperate and started doing not entirely cannibalistic things. He still has to go. 


8 thoughts on “Too Late”

  1. Republicans hate anything which increases voter turnout and obviously “sanctuary” anything goes against the Republican party platform.


  2. Rauner Signs Automatic Voter Registration Law, Adding 2 Million To Rolls

    The law was absolutely veto proof.
    The measure was passed unanimously by the Illinois House and Senate.

    “This bill passed with unanimous bipartisan support because it is a good government bill that makes our voter rolls cleaner and more inclusive, streamlines the process of voter registration, cuts costs associated with paper-based voter registration, and is a natural registration fraud fighter,” said Cook County Clerk David Orr.


    Advocates said the automatic registration process also protects against fraud. Its implementation is tied to the federal Real ID system, which allows the Secretary of State’s office to screen out non-citizens.”

    So get ready to trek to the DMV with 1)your Social Security card, 2)your green card/visa 3)two pieces of mail they approve and whatever else they want. They all need to match exactly and then they scan it in. I got someone who decided my name on the passport was the one to put in so I have a current driver’s license. My brother got someone who decided “nope” so he doesn’t have a current license.

    Unless you enjoy carrying your passport to travel on a plane in country make the trek to the DMV sooner rather than later.


  3. The way Democrats you know are showering Rauner with praise reminds me of how Democrats I know are so eager to suck Kasich off. Now, he’s much better than Rauner, but he’s still done some terrible things over the years. But apparently none of that matters if you say bad things about Trump and the Medicaid expansion repeal in the healthcare bill (never mind that he supports a gradual, years long repeal.)

    I’m willing to give credit where it’s due, but when people say “he’s the one Republican I’d vote for” or that he’s basically a conservative Democrat, that’s dumb. I know a guy who criticized Hillary for being conservative who likes Kasich. And if I try to explain why he’s bad it’s like I’m talking to a wall (I only even try when it’s non-Ohioans; Ohioans should know better.)


    1. Yeah, it’s like the bar is so abysmally low for Republicans that any one of them who doesn’t eat babies for dinner and little old ladies for supper is appointed the savior of humanity. It’s time to hold them up to the same standard we’d hold anybody.


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