For years, I wondered what “UPD” meant and why it appeared tagged on to posts and comments. For years. 

Googling it, of course, was not an option because come on.

And then, finally, by pure chance, I saw somebody posting it in Russian, and even though “АПД” means nothing whatsoever in Russian, I finally figured out what it means. 

It’s a nice feeling.


9 thoughts on “UPD”

  1. “I finally figured out what it means.”

    So for those of us who don’t speak Russian, which is the correct answer?

    Union for Development, a political party in Macao
    Union for Peace and Development, a political party in Burundi
    Union, Progress and Democracy, a political party in Spain
    Underpotential deposition, electro-deposition of a metal
    Uniparental disomy, a chromosomal abnormality
    Universal Print Driver, a LaserJet print driver by Hewlett-Packard
    Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake
    Urban planned development, a governmental designation for an urban village-style planned community
    University of the Philippines Diliman, the flagship university of the University of the Philippines System
    University Police Department, on-campus police force at a university


        1. I don’t know the answer yet, but the Russian calque (for lack of a better word) has A which means the U has the sound in ‘up’ not in ‘union or universal’.
          Maybe the single sound clue was enough to make it clear…


    1. oh…. I never would have thought of that in a million years. But then the russian should have been “АПT”?
      Or maybe Russian transliteration from english is more morphophonemic than I’d thought….


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