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Russian militias in the US. The article doesn’t mention the Antifa but they are part of the same trend. 

It’s because of rants like these that I now try to run away whenever I hear the word “white.” Even at a clothing store I avoid white items because the word reminds me of these eager little fools who are self-pleasuring like crazy with it. 

I’m proud to be a Ukrainian-Canadian when I hear news like this! Canada’s Ukrainian-Canadian Minister of foreign affairs has been rescuing Chechnya’s gays and bringing them over to Canada. As of today, there are 38 gay Chechens whose lives have been saved this way. 

It kills me to see people throw around the word “Nazi” so casually. How can they not understand that it’s immoral and just wrong? 
Crazy in Australia.
Keeping up the monuments debate is a huge mistake because voters are not into it. One has got to be all kinds of silly to try to give symbolic victories to today’s voters. 

If you want to culturally appropriate Ukrainian culture, do not, and I repeat do not follow this silly kid’s advice. I’m tired as fuck of people trying to engage with me as a fount of Ukrainianness they are eager to drink from. God, where do these dumb ideas come from even?

Technology obsession + unlimited power in the hands of one stupid bureaucrat = massive ridiculousness.

What a dumb idea: “An Early College High School program allows high school students to take college classes for dual credit; if they pass everything on the first try, they can graduate with an Associate’s degree at the same time they graduate high school.” Hey, why stop there? Let’s give little darlings Nobel Prizes for existing.

 And the best post ever on why big business looooves governmental bureaucracy

The most meaningful thing I have read about the Harvey disaster.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. Enjoyed Uri’s two latest columns – “Crusaders and Zionists” is thoughtful and explains correctly how history is taught in Israeli Jewish schools, while “Kaya, the royal Dog” informed me why Binyamin Netanyahu’s party Likud (“Unification”) refuses to accept thousands of new members.

    Crusaders and Zionists

    Kaya, the royal Dog


  2. “It kills me to see people throw around the word “Nazi” so casually.”

    People have been doing this ever since WWII.

    One of the most amusing (to me) misuses of the word occurred on live network television during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, back in the days when there was no five-second delay in live broadcasts. ABC News had very liberal author Gore Vidal debating very conservative commentator William F. Buckley. Vidal was always a provocateur, hugely successful as a writer, but bitter over the fact that his open homosexuality had stymied his political ambitions. Buckley was famous for being very genteel and never losing his cool during debates.

    The debate turned to the Vietnam War, and Buckley muttered something about “proto-Nazis.” Vidal, who was strongly pro-Viet Cong, said to Buckley, “As far as I’m concerned, the only proto- or crypto-Nazi that I can think of is yourself.”

    ABC debate moderator Howard K. Smith: “Now, let’s not call names.”

    Buckley turned to Vidal, stuck his finger in his face, and said, “Now listen, you queer, stop calling me a proto-Nazi, or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered.”

    Moderator Smith: “Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Let’s not call names!”

    ABC switched to an unscheduled commercial, and the Vidal-Buckley debate was over for the night.

    For the rest of the convention week, Buckley would debate Vidal only if there was a curtain hanging between them. 🙂


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