FB tells me that in the Game of Thrones I’m somebody called Cercei Lannister. I tried all of my uploaded photos, and it’s always the same result. 

Is it a good character, at least?


3 thoughts on “Cercei”

  1. Cersei Lannister is a good character in a similar way that Natalia is a good character in Irlanda. A good character, yes. A good person, no. Her character arc is one of the most interesting in the books, since so much of her actions and motivations are buried in events that happened years before the books take place, and unpacking those events happens so slowly. She took a really shitty situation and owned it by manipulating or just plain crushing the people around her. But she gets too secure in her position of seemingly absolute power, and by the time she realizes she’s starting to lose control it’s far too late and everything she’s worked for just collapses. It has a profound affect on her eventual narration — she didn’t have any point-of-view chapters until the fifth (and most recent) book — and it’s one of those sections where I have to continually remind myself how unreliable she is as a narrator. Other point-of-view characters have little cues in their narrative structure or thought patterns that give it away, but Cersei’s point-of-view chapters very much reminded me of Natalia’s unreliability. I like her because of her complexity as a character and unreliability as a narrator. She’s done some really horrible things, though.

    Since FB is looking at your pictures, it could possibly be just because your hair color most closely matches hers in the show.


  2. I don’t read the books (tried didn’t get far, the author is very good at world building and maybe plotting but the prose tends to be too flat for me).

    Anyhoo, book purists don’t like the TV version of Cersei but I think the actress gives one of the great performances of narcissistic rage (and toxic motherhood) I’ve seen on TV.
    GoT Superfans tend to take everything at face value (maybe why they can deal with the flat prose) and think the TV version is too sympathetic but all the moments that make them say that seem to me to just be more subtle manifestations of her rage.


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