And also, on the subject of adjunctification, I’m tired of the idea that I need to feel contrite and constantly self-castigate over an issue I in no way caused and that nobody is brave enough to even name. I have no idea whatsoever what can be done to solve the problem. As the MA inevitably becomes the new BA and then the new GED, it’s going to intensify. 

And I hope never to discuss this issue again until people quit pretending they are unaware of all I just said. 


2 thoughts on “Dixi”

  1. I totally reject the idea that adjunctification is my fault, as I have always fought against it and in the realms in which I have had any power, succeeded.

    Why high school is so bad in US — many reasons, but most lately NCLB / Race to the top. It did not use to be as bad although it always has been worse than elsewhere, for complex reasons.


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