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Boring Thought Leaders

And the prize for the most meaningless sentence of the day goes to the MIT that is posting the following gem:

 Access knowledge from industry thought leaders and learn to lead the implementation of sustainable improvement strategies to solve organizational issues in your unique business context.

Is there anybody who hasn’t died of boredom after reading it? These thought leaders definitely have a great future in curing insomnia.


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4 thoughts on “Boring Thought Leaders

  1. Shakti on said:

    Alas, as a mere thought follower, I failed to catch the thought train and instead followed the thot train, which makes far more sense and is more fun than the Acela.
    hi hat


  2. Aspiring future member of “International Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Sophists”


  3. The vacuous corporate speak. So many words, not a lick of meaning.


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