I just passed my citizenship test!

And guess what? The very first question was the one I posted about Africans. 

I also got the “no taxation without representation”, Mike Pence, Supreme Court, the number of amendments, and one other I don’t remember right now. 

The whole thing took under 15 minutes. Which makes sense because I’m totally a model prospective citizen. 


17 thoughts on “Passed”

  1. Congratulations!

    For this especially challenged reader, does it mean you have already become a citizen? Or not yet?

    What about N, if it’s not a secret?


    1. No, I still have the ceremony where I’ll pledge allegiance to the flag and renounce loyalty to all other countries.

      N applied a bit later so I think he’ll get his test in a couple of months.


  2. THANK YOU for becoming a citizen! Now you can vote!!! Yay!!! Congratulations! We need more people like you to be citizens of this country!


  3. Yeah, congratulations, Clarissa! Now as Fie says, you can finally VOTE, and have some real influence on this country’s political direction!!


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