Friday Link Encyclopedia

If the paper were a frozen tundra and your life depended on finding a “the” to ingest, you’d be dead by page two.” I love how this scholar writes. And I can commiserate because English speakers who write in Spanish always forget that abstract concepts need a definite article. (It’s “the love, the justice and the peace” in Spanish.)

Neoliberal destruction of politics is illustrated perfectly in one short post. It’s like people have been completely emptied of all content. 

People have the weirdest sexual fantasies
can’t avoid being touched by this passionate dedication to Hillary. The whole thing is almost poetic. 

Finally, a good, non-hysterical post on Columbus Day

tragic death of a young mother is caused by outlandish ignorance.

Wine-infused coffee exists. And isn’t that sad. 

A great post on the Democrats’ strategy

Yes, self-driving cars are totally about to happen. Any day now. 

I don’t need to look at the author’s name to know this was written by a man: “My theory is that airport travel takes years off of people’s lives.  Our U.S. airline system is so overloaded, so overcapacity, and so brittle that airplane travel is by now normatively terrible.  Take a flight in the U.S. and you can almost count on being delayed and stressed out.  Who needs it?  A better plan may be just to stay home.” 

ACA Developments

The worst part is that Trump is 100% right when he says that ACA was a gift from the US taxpayers to insurance companies. Not that he’s going to repair the situation and give anything better to the taxpayers. But it’s undeniable that ACA was definitely all that. Yes, it made life better for many people, and that’s good. But it was deeply flawed, and we all know what the flaw was. 

The Rich Also Cry, Season 2

Not to be outdone by rich male entertainers, rich female entertainers are participating in “The Rich Also Cry” spectacle aimed at give the audience a warm and fuzzy feeling of being in the position to pity Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. 

We’ve done sports, we’ve done movies. What’s next? Melanka Trump will weep on screen and we’ll all go crazy with compassion?

I think nobody but billionaires should ever run for president. The voters don’t seem capable of responding to anybody but the megarich.