Now that I’ve passed my citizenship test and submitted my grant application, do I deserve to stay on the couch for an hour reading a book? I think I do. Yes, I think I definitely do. And I won’t feel guilty. I hope. 

This was addressed to myself more than anybody else. 

What other extravagance am I entitled to? Ah, I know. I’ll eat potatoes. 

I wish I could become a citizen every day. 


8 thoughts on “Deserving”

  1. Yep, you deserve to indulge yourself for a while! Just don’t turn on the television while you’re doing it, because all news channels are showing the same bad news right now.

    Again, congratulations!


  2. Congrats! Of course you deserve to relax and celebrate.

    Btw, you just gave new meaning to the phrase “couch potato” — the celebratory consumption of potatoes on the couch!


      1. But you forget about Thanksgiving, when the potatoes are mashed.

        Does this mean you will be a dual citizen of the US and Canada?


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