The Nazi ACLU

Executive director of the ACLU in Virginia was shouted down shortly after she began speaking.
Students holding signs lined up in front of the stage where Gastañaga was speaking, chanting, “ACLU, you protect Hitler, too,” “ACLU, free speech for who?” and “the oppressed are not impressed.”

I have my issues with the ACLU but I’m quite confident they are not huge fans of Hitler. I’m also pretty confident that the organization is not in the business of oppressing anybody.

The oppressed at this expensive college have totally lost their marbles. It must be all that horrible oppression messing up their tender psyches. 


19 thoughts on “The Nazi ACLU”

    1. So WHY was the student group (Black Lives Matter) allowed to “successfully shut down a talk” while campus authorities/security did nothing?

      After the event, the university president issued a boiler-plate generic statement about how the school values free speech and saying that interfering with speakers is “unacceptable” — obviously a worthless statement if the university does nothing to enforce it.


  1. The ACLU has defended Nazis in the past. See National Socialist Party of America v. Skokie in which they sued on behalf Nazi group who wanted to march through a city in which one out of six people was a Holocaust survivor or related to one.

    More recently they sued on behalf of the white supremacists so they could have their rally in Emancipation Park in Charlottesville. We know well how that turned out.

    You can think it’s all hysterical. But the First Amendment protects peaceable assembly, not “let’s murder and beat up some counter protesters and march through the streets like an amateur militia.” You want to tell me that’s covered by the Constitution?

    I, for one, have not donated to the ACLU, despite doing so in the past. How does protecting the first amendment rights of people who vehemently want to make sure the Constitution doesn’t apply to me protect my rights or my access to the rule of law? I’m not convinced at all.

    I’m reminded of this:
    ACLU Defends Nazis’ Right To Burn Down ACLU Headquarters


    1. I don’t get it. You support these freaks? You really think they are oppressed? By the ACLU?

      I’m sure the ACLU didn’t sue to give anybody the right to murder and beat up. But they ptotect the right to assemble because that’s what their purpose of existence is.


  2. I have my issues with the ACLU and used to not donate for the reasons Shakti doesn’t now. I don’t agree with them that what amounts to incitement to violence / murder constitutes protected speech / assembly. At the same time, I understand what their arguments are and I’m glad they’re there. There are other groups I’m in or support that I am not 100% in agreement with, either, but that I think have value.


    1. If there were nothing else to protest right now, then ok, maybe they should go after ACLU. But with so many real abuses going on, why do they always attack the progressive people and causes? Like when they tried to chase Bernie Sanders off the stage like he’s the greatest evildoer in this country.

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      1. “Like when they tried to chase Bernie Sanders off the stage like he’s the greatest evildoer in this country.”

        The modern left/progressive movement in the US is essentially a circular firing squad (Steve Sailer’s coinage but very accurate).

        They disrupted Bernie because only someone that far left would let them. Hillary would have them in handcuffs before they got two syllables out.


      2. Soft targets, someone who won’t hit back, rebelling against their liberal parents / the old liberal establishment which the ACLU is part of, lack of historical knowledge, wanting to seem cool, and a certain self-destructiveness of the left

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  3. These students either don’t have enough reading and writing to do, or they’re simply not doing it. (And then they’ll complain and demand an extension on their late work because the presence of the ACLU on campus was so triggering that they were unable to concentrate and do their work.)

    I like the ACLU on most issues. And I like that they support the right to engage in hate speech. (But I don’t like the content of hate speech itself.) To me this is important as the definition of hate speech is becoming so broad and beginning to include almost anything that someone else finds to be offensive.

    But I believe that the ACLU also supports the decriminalization of prostitution, and this is a position I don’t agree with. If I were a woman, I’d be considered a SWERF (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist). There is nothing feminist about supporting prostitution, and it certainly isn’t “liberating” for women. Catharine MacKinnon once said in a debate on the topic of whether or not it’s wrong to pay for sex, “I hear some people are arguing that it’s not wrong to pay for sex, but I don’t hear anyone arguing that paying for sex is a good thing.”


  4. My only problem with ACLU is that they try too hard to brand themselves as a principled ‘See, we defend even Nazis’ kind of organization.

    Which is fine, I guess, but in the end getting justice or lending support to various causes is a matter of allocating resources, which are always scarce. Every dollar that goes towards defending a KKK member is a dollar that is not going towards the defense of abortion rights or reproductive rights, and so on.


  5. If a person doesn’t support the idea of peaceful free speech regardless of the ideology being expressed, then that person can’t legitimately claim to support free speech.

    I remember the 1977 ACLU Nazis-v.-Skokie incident very well, and all the indignant liberal Jews who angrily dropped their ACLU membership were the biggest hypocrites in the world. They were all in favor of supporting absolute free speech, no matter how odious, until their own special ox was getting gored.

    That’s not how “free speech” works.


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