Baby Books

Klara is obsessed with books right now. Whenever she is having a meltdown, I can always switch it off by offering to read one of her favorites. (Which tells me these are not real meltdowns).

The books she prefers are the ones where she can point out objects and name them or the ones that rhyme. Yesterday, I was reading her current favorite from our Kindermusik class. When I got to the part that says, “here comes my yum-yum, a delightful treat,” I substituted yum-yum with “lentil soup” because that’s what she’d had for dinner. Klara didn’t like the substitution at all (although she’d loved the soup.) She exclaimed “yum-yum! Yum-yum!”, pointing at the page as if to say, “Read what it says! Pay attention to the text!” And she didn’t let me turn the page until I read it correctly.

She also loves numbers and geometric shapes. I had to look up words like pentagon and octagon because it’s a bit of a shame that she knows what they are while I’m kind of uncertain. I mean, I know what they are but only after I actually count each angle. 

6 thoughts on “Baby Books”

    1. This is precisely the age when toddlers are trying to get some control over something. Klara loves to give orders. The other day she commanded, “Lying down!” And I lay down on the ground. She LOVED that. And so did I because I was exhausted. 🙂


  1. Do you read her Dr. Seuss’s books too? “The Cat in the Hat” is so famous that even I heard of it, even though I haven’t read any of his books. It rhymes and has simple words.

    There is his book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” which appears to teach numbers. It’s on YouTube too.


      1. You could watch / read a video on YouTube and then decide whether you want to buy them or not. You could even do it with Klara and see whether she likes the books. 🙂

        As for camscanner, I’ve only tried creating small PDF files of 10-20 pages and then emailed them to me. Don’t know how it’ll work with 100 page file.


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