Kazuo Ishiguro Gets the Nobel!

Yes! This is fantastic news. Ishiguro is a sensational author and if you haven’t read him yet, do yourself a huge favor and get acquainted with this great writer. 

The easiest choice is, of course, his famous novel The Remains of the Day. It is a beautiful novel and I love it. I gave it to N as our first-month anniversary because I needed to know if he was going to like it. Being with somebody who wouldn’t get it wasn’t an option. (He gave me Haruki Murakami for that anniversary. We both went Japanese for the occasion with the only Japanese authors we knew.)

My favorite novel by Ishiguro, however, is The Unconsoled. I read it 20 years ago, but I still think about it often. I truly wish he stayed with that kind of writing instead of sliding into the overly moralistic sci-fi and fantasy stuff of his later novels. Never Let Me Go, for instance, is very weak and also redundant. The whole thing had already been done by Isaac Asimov and a lot more elegantly, too. Let’s see if the Nobel gives Ishiguro some freedom from the need to moralize as aggressively as he’s been doing and lets him go back to exploring the beauty of the language.

4 thoughts on “Kazuo Ishiguro Gets the Nobel!”

  1. The Unconsoled is one of my favorite novels of all time. I couldn’t get into the last few of his either. There is a hilarious review of it by the Composer Ned Rorem who treats it as though it were a realistic novel and complains that it does not realistically describe the life of a concert pianist. To this day I don’t know if he was serious or if this is a giant put on (Rorem, I mean.).


    1. Wow, you are the first passionate fan of The Unconsoled other than myself that I know. 🙂 It blew my mind back in 1997. I had no idea one could write like that.

      I’m very happy you love it, too.


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