The Paddocks

Oh, fuck, so the Las Vegas shooter was the son of Benjamin Hoskins Paddock?? Wow. Why didn’t they just say so? This explains it. 

Reporting is bizarrely bad. There were hundreds of inane piece quoting the shooter’s clueless neighbors whose only claim to fame was that he never talked to them. I only found out who his father was from a Russian FB page. 


10 thoughts on “The Paddocks”

    1. Yes. And he was a classic psychopath.

      The son obviously spent his whole life compensating with gambling. (Compulsive gambling is a powerful compensatory mechanism). But with age, it became insufficient and he exploded. This is why he’s uncharacteristically older than a regular mass shooter.


      1. *But where did he get the money for his elaborate array of sophisticated military-grade wares?
        *How was he able to get all that stuff into his hotel room, with all the security and surveillance?
        *Did he really “go nuts” on his own? Or is/are there some kind of cult organization(s) training and brainwashing these “martyrs” into thinking they’re partaking in performing a “great mission” of some kind?
        *And just WHAT is the purpose and WHAT are the agendas behind all these mass shootings? Are they part of some social-engineering conspiracy? They have definitely successfully created a totally discombobulated social climate in these here western countries.


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