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Pet Store

Klara’s got a cold and she was even running a bit of a fever yesterday so I kept her home today. To cheer her up, I took her to Petco or whatever it’s called. What a great place, folks! We all know how I feel about nature but even I liked it. 

There were mice who all live together in their own house! Plus, there was a very expensive animal called “assorted male chinchilla.” And a very cute ferret that made me feel bad for wearing a ferret hat back in high school. (It was back in Ukraine and you can’t get by without a fur hat. It gets really cold, and nobody had cars.) 

There were also fish tanks and a large tank with beautiful live corals. They were amazing, I’d never seen such a variety. Some were quite expensive.

We also saw snakes, turtles and frogs but the best thing so far were geckos. I love geckos with an uncommon passion, and here there were some very interesting varieties.

I have no idea why people told me there’d be nothing of interest there. The store is fantastic and a great place for kids. 


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3 thoughts on “Pet Store

  1. Lani von Klausenburg on said:

    …even nicer to see them in their natural habitat. Animals are not toys or “friends” for pampered, over-indulged American “kids”!


  2. Jennifer S on said:

    I love Petco! I don’t even have a pet and I would visit when I lived near one. They always had puppies and kittens from the shelter to pet. God I love petting animals, especially when I can’t own one yet. I used to visit the fish when Walmart had them.

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