The two morning posts were inspired by the idiots who insist that those who aren’t in Catalonia shouldn’t have opinions about the situation. And whose entire position on the subject is the superficial and consumerist “If people want to have a country of their own, they should be free to choose that.” Of course, when I asked for the directions of the store where you could make that purchase, they got all huffy. 

Neither idiot is in or from Catalonia, by the way. 


4 thoughts on “Clarification”

      1. Well, they get to have it both ways: no work to understand the situation, and plenty of feelings of moral superiority and entitlement to condescend to and yell at people who have more information (people who actually have enough respect for other countries to be informed on them)

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        1. Exactly. I have no idea why I’m still so surprised when it happens. I’ve seen it a million times. You can’t imagine how often people tried to lecture me about Ukraine who had literally zero knowledge or interest.


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