Will, Too

Women on Facebook are running a meme where everybody posts “me, too” if they have been sexually harassed. I can do even better and post “I will be, in three weeks” because I’m traveling to a conference in Santo Domingo and I can predict my sexually harassed future. 


9 thoughts on “Will, Too”

    1. It’s not just Santo Domingo. It’s all third-world countries including my own that I’ve been to. I have been viciously and relentlessly harassed non-stop in Ukraine, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and also by male immigrants from third-world countries in Canada. I have never been harassed in the US, Spain, Portugal, Germany, or the UK. I’ve never been anywhere else than these places, so that’s the limit of my experience.


        1. I’m in Hispanic studies so there were definitely fellow students who were obnoxious from certain countries but there was never anything like harassment. I experienced one instance of gender discrimination in academia but not harassment. I’m very happy because I know what it can be like.

          I don’t travel more to Hispanic countries other than Spain because the harassment is impossible for me to live with. I was very traumatized in childhood so it brings back all the horrible memories. I know women who can take it with a sense of humor but I can’t. I get very depressed when it happens.


  1. Be sure to secretly record the audio on your smart phone (preferably in English), so you can share it with all your readers!


    1. Yeah,I’m totally going to be stopping and letting myself be pawed in hopes that harassers suddenly acquire the knowledge of English and decide to pose for camera.


  2. It’s hard to impossible to regulate human nature.
    There will always be those who take advantage of any kind of “opportunity” (real or imagined).
    …and for those with devious tendencies: The eternal hope of “being lucky enough to get away with” (whatever it is they have in mind at the time).


      1. You may be right.
        All the times I, myself, have been harassed or “hit upon”, it’s always been gay or bisexual men.
        Never been lucky enough to have been imposed upon by any young good-looking females in such a manner. Too bad. I wouldn’t have minded that too much, the way I did when the guys did it …..


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