Progressives preach about — and to — people with whom they have no real connection, and do so in ways that would embarrass them to death if it were a racial line rather than a class line they were crossing in such a state of pristine ignorance. They are the mirror image of white conservatives who wonder why poor black people in the Bronx can’t just “act white” and get with the program.

So totally, completely and utterly true. The current progressive discourse of “triggers, structural inequalities, me-toos, Harvey Weinsteins” and all the rest of it sounds deranged and idiotic to the very people the progressives try to speak to and for. 


2 thoughts on “Alien”

  1. The choice is generally between people who are actively hateful (at the point the loudest group) and people who are well intentioned but rather ignorant and condescending. The second group is obviously better, but it would be nice if more people would listen to the people they’re trying to speak for. Honestly this doesn’t just go for “white trash,” well off college educated progressives, even the black ones, are really disconnected from the priorities of the average black person.


  2. Well, this is what happens when the left becomes right, i.e. when it decides there is no logic but the logic of capital(ism). Then you get this stuff that calls itself leftism, and it’s easily ridiculed / easily seems ridiculous.


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