No Clowns Allowed

After George W. Bush’s first term, Democrats decided to counter his militaristic rhetoric with with a candidate who was also militarized. John Kerry started his acceptance speech at the DNC with a military salute and “blah blah reporting for service.” In the end, it was his military record that was used to sink him. 

You never take the battle to the territory your opponent had chosen. Instead, you need to stake your own territory. A fight that is fought on somebody else’s terms is likely to be lost. 

This is why I hope that the Democrats will not repeat this mistake and won’t run an entertainment figure in 2020. Especially since they seem inclined to run a woman. A female clown will always lose to a male clown. 


6 thoughts on “No Clowns Allowed”

  1. No way! Don’t say that! I’m sure that a Tina Fey/Amy Schumer ticket could produce AMAZING CONTENT that would get SO MANY likes and shares, and so much respectful commentary from Slate and Huffpo and Salon. There’s no way that they could lose with that kind of support!

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    1. They got rid of some quality people like Ray Buckley, and it’s clearly because they didn’t support Perez. And he’s pretending it’s all about diversity.

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      1. Yes, a diverse coalition of Native Americans (about 2% of the U.S. population), Dreamers (who obviously can’t vote), and Puerto Ricans (who can’t vote in the Presidential election unless they live in the mainland U.S.) will definitely crush Trump in a landslide victory for the Democrats.


  2. I have no faith primary voters will make a good choice. There’s a few candidates I can think of who’s have a shot at defeating Trump, but I’m sure we’ll nominate someone who’s completely unelectable in middle America instead.


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