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RIP Skype

So what, Skype is dead? It’s all Google Hangouts now?

I did notice that Skype was barely functioning but I don’t use it often enough to care. How do people find out that it’s time to move on? 


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2 thoughts on “RIP Skype

  1. Jonathan on said:

    That’s funny. A guy came and took away my phone a few weeks ago. We have all switched to Skype for business or in my case Lync for mac and must make calls through the computer now.


  2. “How do people find out that it’s time to move on?”
    AFTER they’ve invested a lot of time and money into whatever it is that suddenly “goes out of style overnight” because they figured on at least a modicum of longevity—especially if it’s a quality product or service (as in, for example, being able to replace DVD players in the future—because “anymore everybody watches movies and TV shows and listens to music online”. Of course I’m not “everybody”.)


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