BNW Challenge, #1

The BNW challenge, for those of you who are not on FB, consists of people publishing 10 black and white photos of their lives that contain no humans and no something else I currently forget. 

I want to do the challenge but I’m too tired to take perfect pictures. I want to post honest first-try photos that are snapped carelessly and show my life as is. 

The first photo is of my desk. And it’s been in this state for weeks. And will be for several more. Maybe forever.

7 thoughts on “BNW Challenge, #1”

  1. I really don’t like giving effusive compliments, but that’s an excellent B&W photograph: taken at the best angle to include all relevant elements, with dramatic lighting contrasts that draw attention directly to the desktop, etc.

    Looks like a professional photograph. Now we’ll see how your other nine compare…


  2. That is a pretty tidy desk! Mine is currently littered with two untidy stacks of bills and other “important stuff” that needs filing away, two mugs, a glass, a plate, a banana (not on the plate), a bottle of leave in conditioner (no idea what that is doing there, I only just noticed it), a small toy, various out-dated lists, and a pamphlet from the local elementary school. Most of that stuff has been untouched for days/weeks – as long as I have space to type at my keyboard I am good 😉


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