Diversity Police Needed

By whiteness — as an institution, as discourse and as the invisible norm –– I am referring to the entitlements provided to most professors by virtue of a white academic institution that privileges cultural norms of formal communication, professionalism and appropriateness.

The prose is very bad and hard to decipher but it sounds like this fellow is saying that non-white people are rude, unprofessional and inappropriate. 

Of course, the guy is a sociologist, so what can you expect? But I still hope a diversity committee looks into him because a white guy like him insinuating such racist ideas is definitely suspect.

8 thoughts on “Diversity Police Needed”

  1. “It sounds like this fellow is saying that non-white people are rude, unprofessional and inappropriate.”

    What I read this idiot as saying is that cultural norms (like letting women vote and not beating your wife) and professional competence (like speaking and writing with correct English) are examples of white racism, because those norms were developed while white people (and mostly men, at that) were in authority positions and setting the rules.

    George Orwell once wrote: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”


    1. If it’s about the expectation that immigrants adapt the cultural norms of the new country, then I’m not sure what “whiteness” has to do with it. I’m an immigrant, I’m white, I adapted.

      If the article is about immigration, it would have helped if he mentioned that. How are people supposed to guess?


  2. I’ve seen this type of thinking before, as far as I can understand, it goes something like: white people have traditionally held positions of power, and therefore, they have set the standards for polite and professional behavior, and therefore, anyone trying to maintain any standards of polite or professional behavior is “encouraging whiteness” and therefore a racist, regardless of their own skin color.

    A handy argument against ever having to deal with complaints about your behavior in the workplace, for some people.


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