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Finally, some good news in the Piazza case (a hazing death on campus).

U.S. servicemembers in uniform aren’t coming under attack by anyone in the Resistance. . .” Wait, is ‘Resistance’ still a thing? Or is this post by somebody who just came out of a year-long coma?

More revelations about the plagiarizing poet. If you follow this whole story, it’s captivating.

The mentally ill are welcomed to the army. Of course, nothing can possibly go wrong with arming mentally ill folks to the teeth and training them to kill. 

Trump must be a fantastic president if people need to resort to this ridiculous crap to make him look bad

The real problem is the Republican party. They’re planning to starve us to death. If, that is, their leader doesn’t get us all killed first.” Yes, this is a real problem in the US right now. We are all about to starve. Let me go fix myself another snack as I await the imminent starvation at the hands of evil Trump. 

woman pretends to be Emily Dickinson on her online dating profile.

It’s clear that the author of this screed is seeing zero irony in what he’s saying: “You wanna know why Broaddrick and the other allegations didn’t lead to the collapse of the Clinton presidency and the whipping of the man into the hinterlands? Because Republicans had been fucking pricks about Clinton from the moment he became the Democratic nominee and by the time we got to Broaddrick, everyone was fucking sick of Republicans screaming about scandals and having hearings and appointing special prosecutors whenever one Clinton or the other farted longer than they liked.” Self-awareness is a rare and unusual gift. 


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. “The mentally ill are welcomed to the army.”

    Okay, another true war story: My last military assignment was to the joint (all services) headquarters that oversaw all military recruiting for the U.S. armed forces. While I was there, a crazy enlisted man at a northwestern Air Force base took a gun to the base hospital and shot 27 people, killing four of them, before base police forces shot him dead. (The killer had originally been found psychologically unfit for the military, but his mother had written her congressman, who had pressured the Air Force into accepting him.)

    My headquarters was then ordered to take a look at whether our screening requirements (which were the same for all branches of service) for people with a history of psychiatric treatment were adequate to prevent future incidents like this.
    I had been assigned to that headquarters purely because I met the position requirements for “full colonel Air Force medical officer” — but since by mere happenstance I was also a psychiatrist, I was told to look at the relevant regulations and rewrite them if I thought they were too lenient.

    I suggested tightening the screening process significantly, and my suggestions became mandatory regulations that applied at ALL recruiting stations for every service. Four of the services (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force) didn’t object, but the Marine Corps generals raised hell over my regulations, saying in effect: “What are you trying to do to us??? The Marine Corps wants psychopaths and natural-born killers!” The regulations were put into effect over their objections.

    I have no doubt that those regulations have been rewritten multiple times since I retired, so one of my greatest works has now been lost to the winds of time.


  2. #theresistance is still a thing, but it’s just like, people making posts on social media and voting (and volunteering for political campaigns if there’s any nearby.)


    1. I just saw a post on long-lasting lipstick that stated that “we need to look good while we take part in the #Resistance.” The post was by a middle-aged academic. I almost swallowed my entire lipstick tube when I read it.


  3. I am flabbergasted and disgusted that Jill Bialosky hasn’t lost her job. She flagrantly plagiarized. I would absolutely fail a student who did what she did. And it’s not like there is tremendous talent lurking beyond the plagiarism. Her poetry is trite and her anthology seems simplistic at best.

    Like most academics in English, I make use of Norton editions in class (but only of novels…I avoid their pricey anthologies.) But until she’s fired, I won’t order Norton editions. I refuse to make my students support an industry who profits from plagiarism– an indiscretion that any self- respecting writer or lover of literature should find repugnant and an indiscretion that professors spend time explaining and warnimg against. I am completely outraged by this case.


    1. I’m completely shocked, too. The reaction of so many people to these revelations has floored me. How can we teach students it’s not right to plagiarize when it’s done so openly and defended so forcefully?


    2. ★。・:¯_(ツ)_/¯:・゚★

      Of course she hasn’t lost her job. She’ll probably get promoted. Rules about plagiarism, proving yourself and actually demonstrating you’ve earned the credentials you claim are for schmucky little people, not MOTUs and gatekeepers like herself.

      It is of the age. Outrages about not being “qualified” as for “those” people.
      The same people who kept saying Sonia Sotomayor was unqualified think this <a href=”http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/11/senate-panel-votes-to-make-pro-gun-blogger-a-federal-judge.html’>dude is qualified to be a judge

      I shrug because my dentist kept telling I’m grinding down my teeth.

      Will you let your students know why you don’t order Norton editions?


  4. “Will you let your students know why you don’t order Norton editions?”

    I’ve been asking myself that. My first impulse is “yes”: students should be aware of a corrupt academic publishing house. But then the less impulsive part of me thinks maybe not……I don’t want to teach students that plagiarism “pays off”. Ugh.

    The only thing I do know is that this has made me lose all respect for Norton. I keep hoping that a group of academics will circulate a petition to Norton asking for the removal of Bialosky. But this story isn’t receiving much attention in academic circles.


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