A conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories: journalists accused of sexual harassment today are guilty for tanking Hillary’s election last year because they enjoy victimizing women.

Yes, the author is a notorious flake but it’s an absolute shame that the NYTIMES published this kind of garbage even as a joke.  


11 thoughts on “Conspiracy”

  1. As far as I can tell the NYT is a pretty terrible newspaper, I remember a few years ago Lion of the Blogosphere (maybe still Half Sigma at the time) would look up what information he could about NYT reporters and none had any background in journalism, they were all rich kids with well-connected parents.

    Journalism has been almost completely de-skilled and so its no wonder they can’t even run a half-decent opinion page….

    Understanding what has happened to journalism is important in order to understand what is happening (and what’s going to happen) to academica.


  2. Clarissa, I can’t help but notice that this is your only posting on this specific webpage that received ZERO “thumbs up” and FOUR unchallenged “thumbs down.”

    I’d bet even money that all the “thumbs down” were given in solidarity by the four original paranoid psycho-sisters of the most famous rad-fem websites from ten years ago:

    Shakesville’s Sister — Melissa McEwan
    Pandagon — Amanda Marcotte
    Femininste — Jill Filipovac
    Feministing — Jessica Valenti

    I’d counter with a “thumbs up,” but then everybody would accuse me of “man-splaining.”


    1. ” that received ZERO “thumbs up” and FOUR unchallenged “thumbs down.””

      After the newest Firefox “update” I don’t see the up and down votes at all…. Thanks Firefox you just keep getting worse and worse!


    2. I don’t see these thumbs-up/thumbs/down things because I blog from an app and not from the webpage. The Marcotte and Co brand of pseudo-feminism is so last decade. It’s incredible anybody still finds them relevant. Most of these websites closed down a while ago.


    1. I supported Clinton and donated to her campaign many times. I also always think and do now that she’s dishonest and hypocritical. And I’m not a male sexual harasser.


      1. And by the way, I thought she was a hypocrite before I found out about all of Bill’s rape and sexual assault accusations. If I had known it during campaign, I would have never donated because this kind of vicious dishonesty I can’t stomach. The journalists in question are not recent immigrants, so they must have known.


        1. I was born in the U.S., but I have to admit that until recently I also wasn’t aware of just how much of a predator Bill Clinton was. I was a preteen when he was elected and a teenager (still in HS) when he left, and while I knew about the Lewinsky scandal the other stuff as far as I can recall wasn’t publicized as much—at least in a way that a young teenager without internet access (and definitely no social media) would have been aware of it. I think I got my news from bits of TV news— when I happened to turn it on during the news or in commercials for upcoming broadcasts. So it’s definitely possible that these younger journalists also didn’t have a full awareness of Clinton’s culpability (either Clinton).


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