Weird Bug

This stomach bug I have is very weird. It goes away for a couple of days and I think it’s all good but then it comes back. The worst part is that it’s debilitating. I feel completely drained. 

5 thoughts on “Weird Bug”

  1. Since it’s recurring like that, I’d recommend seeing a doctor. Sometimes they recur once a few days later, but if it keeps doing that it’s definitely not normal.


  2. It could be a strain of the flu? I got the flu this year (not a stomach flu though) and symptoms (mostly an annoying cough) keep reoccurring–even though it often seems like I’m over it. And, like you described, I’m completely drained. I can go to work and go about my day but I’m so profoundly ( and uncharacteristically) exhausted. I never really saw the need for the flu vaccine but now this year I get it. I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad. Maybe chicken pox when I was a kid? So maybe the flu is what’s troubling you?


    1. I had this thing with the cough that you are describing last year. Those exact symptoms and it just wouldn’t go away. It finally did but it was so annoying. I’m sorry you have it! It stinks.


  3. As I told you last week, I still think it’s a good possibility that Putin’s tracking you with an orbiting Russian satellite and firing intermittent gamma rays down toward your smartphone’s GPS. Try wearing a tinfoil hat to deflect the rays, or slipping your smartphone into the purse of somebody you don’t like, and observing what happens to them.

    If my sage recommendations haven’t solved the problem within a week, then USE COMMON SENSE AND GO SEE A DOCTOR!!! SERIOUSLY!


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