Dance Classes

I had no idea dance classes meant we need to get a pink leotard, a pink tutu, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. 

Plus, I got the feeling they expect Klara to stay at the lesson without me. Which is not happening. Are there really any 2-year-olds who agree to stay at a strange place with strangers without their mama? ‘Cause I haven’t met any such kids. 

8 thoughts on “Dance Classes”

  1. Just wait until recitals, for which you have to pay even more for a costume she’ll only wear once, and which you don’t even get to keep, since it’s a rental.


  2. I don’t know whether to hope that she likes it (since that will cost you a lot) or that she hates it (since you’ll need to find other recreation for her)….

    Just keep thinkin’ “It could be worse….. it could be horses…..”


  3. All this pink tutu stuff is ballet classes specifically, in the UK. Ballet classes aren’t what most 2 year old kids are into, are they? Or maybe I’m way out of date. If you want her to be a ballerina that’s probably fine, but there’s plenty of less restrictive and probably less expensive and more fun things you can do with her. Good luck anyway!


    1. No, it’s just toddlers jumping around to music. But uniforms are good because kids respond well to that at this age. It might persuade Klara to participate if everybody is dressed the same.


      1. That’s good, I was wondering how on earth to persuade 2 year olds to ‘adopt first position, now, demi-plie!’ Jumping around to music sounds great, do the boys also wear pink tutu’s?


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