Defeating Rauner

Here in Illinois, the entire campaign against Rauner consists of pointing out that somebody who contributed his campaign also contributed to Roy Moore’s. Once again, it’s an effort to substitute policy with outrage. Why not speak instead of the damage Rauner did to the state and the alternative ways our candidates will handle things? 
Literally, all I’m seeing right now in terms of efforts to unseat Rauner is cheap Facebook outrage about completely inane things. The fellow devastated the state’s economy but that message isn’t getting out. Instead, we hear how he once stood next to somebody who stood next to somebody who was the subject of an outraged tweet, and can you believe it, that evildoer. It’s so ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Defeating Rauner”

  1. The only reason I can think of for this messaging is that people are very ill informed as to what is the state Republican party’s fault and which is the national Republican party’s fault.

    For example in Florida the ACA sucks because the governor has refused Medicaid expansion funds. Dollars to donuts if you ask most people they will not have known this.

    Or people approve of the union busting things he’s done.

    How did Rauner devastate the state’s economy?


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