Warm Lassi

Is it against the rules to heat up mango lassi? I asked for it to be warmed up at the buffet but the workers reacted like I would if somebody asked me to serve chilled borscht. They conducted a consult and arrived at the conclusion that it can’t be done. Does warming it spoil it in some way? 

10 thoughts on “Warm Lassi”

  1. Lassi is never served warm. It is a cool, seasonal drink.

    Lassi is made of buttermilk. Sometimes people blend together yogurt or milk with the buttermilk. It would likely curdle.

    For this reason, I only heat buttermilk saaru enough to take the chill from the refrigerator out– if that.

    You could ask them next time to make lassi without ice (if they’re making from scratch.)

    If you want something warm and milky, Mysore style coffee or chai is good. If you want to give something to Klara, ask them to use the spices they’d use in masala chai without the chai. Do not ask for turmeric milk unless you are ill, because it is gross and it stains like anything.


    1. Thank you, these are great suggestions! I understand that mango lassi is not meant to be a cold-weather beverage but it’s really cold here. I wondered if it was because it could curdle that they didn’t want to heat it.


      1. I’m sure people do that too. When I was a child my mother would occasionally heat up Dr. Pepper as a treat on cold winter days. It was an odd, but pleasant drink.


  2. If it’s a curdling issue, milk takes a good 2.5-3 minutes or so to curdle in the microwave. So as long as you’re not heating it for too long, I don’t see why you can’t do it. We microwave ice cream for about 10 seconds to soften it so we can scoop it. So 10-20 seconds (I’d lean more toward the 10-second mark, to start) in the microwave should raise the temperature a bit, but keep it cool enough that the milk doesn’t curdle.


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