Good People

Klara is at home with me today, and this means we headed to the bookstore the moment it opened. We spent an hour there, exploring (and ordering copious amounts of coffee for me), and throughout that time we were observed by a straight-backed, very fashionable, manicured, bejeweled and well-coiffed lady in her seventies. She picked out toys in the kids’ section, browsed the magazine stand, and then had coffee, all the while keeping a completely straight back that I deeply envy and looking at us. 

As we were about to leave, she approached us and said, “This is such a well-behaved child! She’s amazing. And cute as a button. Those enormous bright blue eyes! Just like her mommy’s.”

This is why I love this country. Complete strangers come up to you to say something nice just because they can. Of course, it’s also true that Klara is irresistible, but people are just kind. I come from a different kind of place, and this will never cease to amaze me.

And just so that I don’t have to start a new post: how disgusting is it that even at a bookstore candy is placed at a toddler’s eye level. I’m very glad that I taught Klara the “it’s-not-ours” formula and I now have a secret weapon against those evildoers.

This is such a stupid business practice because people with kids will simply stop showing up and will go to Amazon instead. You play these games when customers don’t have a choice. And these days, everybody’s got a choice. 


2 thoughts on “Good People”

  1. “how disgusting is it that even at a bookstore candy is placed at a toddler’s eye level”

    It could be worse… they could put the condoms next to the candy by the check-out as often happens in Poland (did they do that in Ukraine?)

    I always wondered if it was just careless or done on purpose….


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