Regional Literatures

When I was a student, I got the message – not from anything anybody said but from what was studied and mentioned – that the most valuable of Spain’s regional literatures was the Galician. The next in importance was the Catalan. And the least worthwhile was the Basque. I got the impression that all Basque authors of merit chose to write in Spanish, and that was that. Again, nobody ever said it. It’s just the conclusion I drew on my own. 

It’s understandable because Basque is not even an Indo-European language, so it’s easier to forget there’s a literature in it. And then I discovered it wasn’t just any literature but absolutely stunning works of art. 


2 thoughts on “Regional Literatures”

    1. Ramón Saizarbitoria is the greatest Basque writer of modern times. Says everybody, not just me. Yes, he’s been translated into English.

      Bernardo Atxaga has been translated, and he’s fantastic, too.

      There don’t seem to be any women writers. Not super famous. But I’m still looking.


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