Maybe it’s because it’s the finals week and I’m tired but I wept with laughter when reading these true stories of extreme embarrassment. I identify with all of them, especially number 35. So Had share. 


One thought on “Embarrassment”

  1. Well, if it will amuse people on the internet:

    At 19 I was picking up some groceries. It was summer, and super warm.

    I was paying for my groceries when I realized that both the (male) cashier and the grocery bagger had the oddest looks on their faces and were staring at me. I felt a sudden breeze. Looked down and realized my button-up shirt had become unbuttoned between the top button and my navel. Grabbed both sides of my shirt and spun around. Right into a middle-aged couple who had just gotten in line, and looked surprised to see a young woman either striking a Supergirl pose or randomly flashing people at the grocery store. Turned again, saying “sorry” approximately 12 million times, managed to get my shirt buttoned, almost bolted out without my groceries, but the bagger caught me with them.

    I had to stop going to that grocery store, because every time I went there, the same grocery bagger would pop over to help the line I was in and would insist on helping me take my groceries to my car.

    The kicker is that when I couldn’t find my usual under-shirt that morning, I thought to myself “it will be fine, this shirt has never unbuttoned on me before” it was the first and last time I wore a button-up shirt without an undershirt.


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