2017 Personal Achievement Report

1. One of the biggest things the year was going back to New Haven for a reunion with my two friends I made in grad school. It was really great to make peace with that part of my life. I’m still on a high from that trip, and it’s been months. 

2. I also reconnected with my former thesis advisor. People suspect I did it for some vaguely defined calculating purposes but that’s crap.  The only benefit I derived from this is peace of mind and psychological well-being.

3. I made new friends here in town, and they are coming over for Christmas. Which is very unusual for me. 

4. I lost 28 lbs of weight but it doesn’t feel like an achievement because the process stalled as soon as the fall semester began. At least, I haven’t regained any of it, but I need to learn to control my diet when I’m teaching. Which is most of the year. I need 30 lbs more to come off according to the diabetician whom I trust because she’s been amazing.

Talking about diabetes, if you are even a bit predisposed, don’t look at the following photo since it might put you into a hyperglycemic shock it’s so sweet:

By the way, I did find a dance school that charges a reasonable amount of $10 per lesson and won’t put us out in the street with a monthly bill that’s higher than my salary.

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