2017 Productivity Report

2017 was a very productive year for me (thank you, dear Productivity and ThisIsMyEra planners). This is what I have done:

  1. Wrote 3 new articles. Each of them was on a new topic for me (Transition, immigrants and theater/film). I believe that 3 articles a year is perfect because you can do one each semester and one in the summer, which is a stride I find very doable, even while teaching 3 classes per semester.
  2. Finished all of the editing, translation, indexing, copyright clearances, etc. for the book and had it published.
  3. Spoke at 2 conferences. And was accepted to speak at the MLA in January of next year.
  4. Discovered some fantastic writers: Sayeb Taleh, Ramon Saizarbitoria, Eliseo Alberto, Cecilia G. Guilarte, and a novel by Ernestina de Champourcin I had no idea existed.
  5. Discovered some great new theory and criticism by Patricia Ventura, Jim McGuigan, César Rendueles, Mario Ojeda Revah, Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval, Joseba Zulaika, Edurne Portela, and Paul Verhaeghe.
  6. Became a lot more active in the service to the profession, writing book reviews, participating in career counseling at a conference, starting to work as a Treasurer for a professional organization.

It’s absolutely not true that having a small child and being a very engaged parent prevents one from being a productive scholar. I just have to plan a lot more efficiently now that I can do no work past 4 pm. As I said before, I had taken a year off research after Klara was born, but thanks to careful planning, nobody will ever guess that from my CV. 

I’m at a weird point right now because I will finish my last article of the year this week, and I still have no idea whatsoever what my next article will be on. I’m not used to this, and I have to start writing that new article on January 15 (I have a conference talk and a review to write before that). This means I have to decide fast. 

The next post will be on personal achievements of the year.

13 thoughts on “2017 Productivity Report”

  1. Now I feel even less productive than I did before. I spend all my time arguing with students about grades and it saps my energy. This semester out 46 Civ 102 students I failed 13 students and had another dozen Ds. If I hadn’t been so wishy washy on giving into student badgering or been better able to catch cheating there would have been a lot more Fs. But, since January I got the following done.

    One peer reviewed journal article published
    One conference paper
    3, One book review published


  2. Yes, I am more like J. Otto, I fear. HOWEVER I will say that those productivity planners are worthwhile. In general, congratulations to Clarissa!


  3. I did a ton too:

    2 papers submitted: 1 under 2n round of reviews, 1 accepted
    2 papers accepted that were submitted last year
    2 conference papers submitted
    Invited speach at conference
    Invited public forum speaker
    Taught training workshop for industry
    Taught 2 course: one grad, one undergrad
    Developed ideas for 2 proposals (to be sent early next year)
    Bought new equipment for the lab
    Coordinated testing teams for the year

    Time tracking does wonders for me 🙂



  4. Congratulations, Clarissa!

    Totally agree that having a small child is not a deterrent to being a productive scholar. After all, we academics do creative work — it does not matter how many hours we put in, and we are lucky enough to have jobs where we do not need to put in a lot of face time. Still, that being said, your productivity is indeed impressive, and an inspiration for us all.


  5. So how did you use the Productivity and ThisIsMyEra planners? Did you change the planners after your last planner post?


    1. Yes, I had to do the Era planner in the last weeks of the semester because I needed a lot of space to plan and decorate. It really helps to decorate it with stickers. I have a book of planner decoration stickers, and it works like magic.

      As a result, I had everything very much under control at the end of the semester.


  6. Congratulations! I birthed a child, two articles, two book chapters, and two conference papers (obviously not everything was written in 2017 but that’s when it came out, although the date on the chapters is 2018) I also ran a Summer program, got a contract for an edited collection, got another chapter accepted, and submitted another one for review. Having children has just forced me to have a kick ass planning system:-).

    You mean Tayyeb Saleh right? Check out this blog for more great Arabic literature in English: arablit.org


    1. You had another kid??? Why didn’t you say anything? Congratulations!! This is fantastic news. You rule!

      Is it another girl or a boy?

      Thank you for the link! I’m very into Arabic literature (in translation, obviously.)


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