I have no interest in watching the movie The Post but I’m loving this review.


7 thoughts on “Review”

    1. It’s the only website that provides interesting, valuable long-form articles on a consistent basis. There is also crap there, of course. But at least there is something other than crap.

      I’m wide open to recommendations, though.


  1. Watched it tonight. The worst movie I have seen in a long, long time. I don’t know why people love Spielberg. The man knows no nuance.

    The review you linked to is too generous.


    1. “I don’t know why people love Spielberg”

      His genius is in making modern juvenile myths (Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park) which means his best movies make a yuuuge impression on younger viewers and are fondly remembered well into adulthood.

      He is a great cinematic craftsman, he just isn’t an artist for more worldly (for lack of a better term) adults as the levels of moral ambiguity he can attain are overshadowed by the craftsmanship. He can never hit the depths of someone like Godard or Bunuel whose hit and miss craftsmanship is secondary (or crucial) to the moral complexity of the characters and stories.


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