Rep. Gutierrez Rocks

“Lives are at stake and the lives of Dreamers are more important to me than bricks,” said Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, one of the House’s most outspoken Democrats on immigration reform. “If advocates would reject any money for Trump’s wall in exchange for freedom and legalization and eventual citizenship for the Dreamers, I understand their choice, but for my part, I would lay bricks myself if I thought it would save the Dreamers.”

This is the party I want to belong to. A party that values people over empty symbolic gestures. A party of real passion and not of fake outrage.


4 thoughts on “Rep. Gutierrez Rocks”

  1. Both mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans have a problem with their hard-line bases on this issue. Trump’s base voters consider DACA “amnesty” that would only encourage millions of new illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. with their children, while the far-left Dem base doesn’t want any increase in border security or restrictions on immigration.

    Gutierrez is right: The Dreamers need to be taken care of, and the Democrats are going to have to agree to sensible immigration reform. (The “wall” itself isn’t going to help much, but it will probably never be built anyway, so go ahead and agree to fund it to get the ball rolling.)


    1. The issue unfortunately brings out the worst in people on both sides. Which is why I’m glad that at least Gutierrez is reasonable and not foaming at the mouth like so many people.


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