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The Firefox Hate Club

What’s really sad is noticing an old, abandoned Firefox icon on one of the school computers. I remember how impressed I was with Firefox when I first discovered its existence, how great it was, how liberating. And now it’s completely dead. It’s sad because it didn’t have to happen.

Mike is right. Fuck Firefox and Mozilla.


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19 thoughts on “The Firefox Hate Club

  1. David Bellamy on said:

    ??Firefox is not dead. I use it and most of the people I know use it.


    • Have you tried Chrome? Try it. Your life will never be the same. :-). I hate myself for liking it but there’s no alternative.


      • “no alternative”

        …. waterfox…. like firefox before some of the “upgrades” I detested chrome the times I’ve used it (on other computers I wouldn’t put it on my own)


      • David Bellamy on said:

        I have used Chrome, as well as Chromium. I don’t like either of them. I do not know for sure, but I think Firefox has better security than Chrome. As I mentioned, Firefox is the only browser I have installed on my computer. I have no intention of installing any other.


  2. Dreidel on said:

    “Fuck Firefox and Mozilla.”

    Hey, hate on Firefox all you want. I added it to the browsers on my computer last year, and use it occasionally when I’m reading, because that website adds so many ads and junk in Google Chrome that sometimes slows my system to a crawl.


  3. David Bellamy on said:

    Firefox is the only browser on my computer.


  4. I’m in the process of switching to Maxthon, but I also reverted to Firefox v41 (and disabled update nags). Withe the newly updated v41 Firefox only crashes once a fortnight instead of 7 times a day. The newer versions became so bloated that they used all available memory if more than 2 tabs were open, and spent 20 minutes swapping to disk before responding to clicks. It was quicker to switch the puter off at the wall and reboot than waiting for Firefox to respond.


  5. anonP on said:

    I use Firefox as do many people I know. It is much faster than Internet Explorer and lets you set up the ad blocker plugin very easily unlike Chrome (which, being a Google product, lets Google display all its ads), so you never have to deal with all the anjoying ads on websites.


  6. Earlier versions of Firefox were great, but it got to the point I was dreading each new update. For someone who needs internet access for what might be called creative work the newer versions of Firefox make everything worse and more difficult (true of almost every aspect of the internet sadly).

    I snapped when they moved the icon for bookmarks making it harder to access… I purged mozilla from my computers after installing waterfox like an earlier version of firefox without the more terrible ‘improvements’.

    I just wish I could do the same with Windows 10 and the complete stink bomb that is the version of word which makes many previously easy tasks into time-wasting ordeals. Even selecting text is made far more difficult. How do you mess up something like that? the filthy pig fuckers at microsoft managed it…

    The best Word was 97-2003 and every version since has made my use of it less pleasant…


    • Right? We were forced to “upgrade” to office 365 at work and I hate it. It doesn’t play nicely with programs we have used without issue for years, it changed a bunch of settings, and made finding them difficult, and in a digital age where people are smoothing out squares and blocky images, it doubled down on sharp lines, clunky windows, and bold ugly colors.

      I felt like the old person who complains every time there’s a software upgrade, but many of the changes just make my regular work take longer, for no reason that I can figure out.


      • We were also forced to adopt the nasty, nasty office 365 at work. God, I hate it. It’s just bad, what can I say. Everybody at work hates it.


        • You can just use Open Office, It is freeware and can spit out files in tons of formats. I cant touch the newer versions of Office.


          • It’s mostly the email system that bugs me. We had such a great in-house system but it’s been destroyed.


          • “ou can just use Open Office”

            The deal killer for me is you can’t make keyboard shortcuts for nonASCII letters, I regularly type in three or four (sometimes more) languages and putting in each non-ASCII by hand…. no.

            There were some other things I didn’t like but no shortcuts for ő or đ or ċ…? Pass.


  7. Shakti on said:

    The cloud makes me sad.

    I bought the license for my computer rather than this cloud based nonsense that bricks itself after a year. It gives me agita to not have a local copy of my work.

    For what it’s worth, I stopped using Firefox and Chrome a while back and only use it because some web resources are not accessible through Opera. The in-browser VPN is amusing [just don’t try to use Hulu or Netflix with it.]

    I’m not trying to alter my browser like Mike does, but I’ve noticed the adblocking extensions don’t work as well anymore on either of these browsers. Ad-blocking is crucial so sites load effectively and so I can protect my computer. If it’s a news site and it demands I unblock ads in order to read their articles I don’t bother anymore.


    • I’m also not a professional like Mike. I’m a very basic user. And even so, I noticed immediately when Firefox started going downhill. It’s slow, the functionality is ridiculous. It does nothing I need and a lot I don’t.


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