Too Much Cooking

That low-fat diet I have to be on turned out to be really great. I sleep a lot better, I’m losing weight again, I have tons of energy. The only problem is that the diet requires me to spend my life cooking because everything needs to be fussed with for ages to taste good. Plus, the food disappears faster because it’s less filling.

One thought on “Too Much Cooking

  1. Maybe ask N to do more of the grocery shopping (if he isn’t already)? After all, you do say you have to make food from scratch anyways because he gets sick from processed food and obviously for Klara.

    I find that if I’m set up properly it doesn’t take as long but the grocery shopping takes forever (I go to at least three different places and one of them is in the next town over.)

    I know you don’t trust him to cook but maybe he can help with prepping?


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