The Cost of Self-promotion

Oh God, Jill Messick killed herself. I only just heard.

What a tragedy. And the horrible Rose McGowan has not an ounce of compunction.

And yes, Messick was mentally ill. But she was human and she didn’t deserve the bullying of the #rosearmy, or whatever tagline the self-promoting starlet uses.

6 thoughts on “The Cost of Self-promotion

    1. She bullied this poor woman relentlessly, and I can’t believe she somehow failed to know that the woman had mental health issues. And for what? She did nothing to her. She was actually the person who alerted the studio that something bad had happened between Rose and Weinstein. She didn’t refer to it as rape because Rose didn’t call it that at that time.

      Weinstein is a piece of garbage and fuck him. But driving this poor, damaged lady to suicide – that just stinks.


      1. “And for what?”

        Messick continued to work with Weinstein after she knew about his behavior with McGowan — which in McGowan’s mind made Messick an “enabler.”


          1. McGowan seems like a massive narcissist who lashes out viciously at anyone who disturbs her self-image as a victim who has overcome and a moral shining beacon that everyone should admire for…. not precisely sure for what.

            I’m surely not unhappy that the insufferably self-righteous Weinstein was brought down but I’m sure five more sex-for-work creeps have taken his place.

            Anytime there are hundreds of young women of similar…. talent vying for every available job then sexual bargains are going to be the order of the day. Supply and demand. It’s nasty but completely predictable.


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