Bad Parent

I already let Klara down twice because I didn’t realize I needed to bring gifts for the kids at the dance lesson either for Christmas or for Valentine’s. I can’t screw up one more time. So please, folks, tell me, when is the next gift-giving occasion. Easter? When is it and what’s appropriate to give?


6 thoughts on “Bad Parent”

  1. They will probably have an Easter egg hunt, either by the daycare or maybe organized by your neighborhood home owners’ association. There isn’t anything you typically need to bring to daycare for Easter, but there may be an organized egg hunt where parents are invited.

    It’s not too late for Valentine’s! Go buy a box of Hersey’s chocolate kisses, so she can drop one in each kid’s bag tomorrow at school!


  2. Some preschools do an egg hunt with plastic eggs. You buy candy (keep it wrapped) or a small toy or a sticker to put inside. This year Easter is April 1st. For dance class, you could give cookies shaped like bunnies or Easter eggs.

    Usually the gift/food days are Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter (some places) and the end of the school year. It is nice to get the teachers a gift card for a place like Target or a cafe/ restaurant when the year ends.


  3. I’m a parent with no shame. Here’s a very recent example. This evening, my middle boy (MB; 5th grade) who won’t do Valentines except for his teacher threw a fit because all the cards that my lovely DH bought for the kids are too much ‘for little kids’ and thus not to MB’s liking. I rummaged through the drawers and found some ‘thank you’ cards with balls on them, which he approved of. We brainstormed that he could just turn it into ‘thank you for being an awesome teacher’ card by using a marker and he wrote some nice things inside, and voila! It is now a bona fide Valentine’s card. We’ll stick it to the pack of chocolates DH had bought.
    I feel quite proud of myself for averting a potential crisis. Btw, I give zero f*cks about Valentine’s in general; I am missing whatever part of DNA is responsible for feeling holiday cheer; whatever my kids have comes from my DH.


    1. This is a great story! I’m learning that with kids one constantly has to invent new things and be very flexible and fast thinker. My brain is getting a lot of exercise. 🙂


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