Right Here

At the dance lesson, a parent brought a plate of cookies for the kids and left them by the door. I carried Klara straight by the plate without taking any because there had already been Hershey kisses, a lollipop and Welch’s from other kids.

Very calmly Klara showed me her little palm and pointed her finger at the middle.

“Right here, mommy,” she said.

“Right here what?” I asked.

“Cookie goes right here,” she explained. “Put the cookie right here.”

So of course I had to go back for the cookie.

8 thoughts on “Right Here”

  1. She sounds a bit like an aspiring mafiosa… today it’s ‘put the cookie here’ in a few years it’ll be “Nice little article you’ve got there on manfestations of liquid modernity in basque literature…. sure would be a shame if something were to happen to it…. now about that horse I want….”


  2. Reminds me of babysitting my niece when she had a full basket of candy from Halloween but didn’t know the word for candy yet. It was on top of the fridge, and she kept pointing at it. I thought that playing dumb might be the way to avoid an argument about candy. I offered her fruit, veggies, milk (all from the fridge) she eventually sighed and wandered off.

    A few minutes later I heard her rustling through something. I found her in her room rummaging through some recently developed pictures. I went to put them up and she held up a picture of her in her Halloween costume eating candy out of the basket that was on top of the fridge. She took my hand, led me back to the kitchen, looked at me like I was the worlds slowest auntie, and firmly pointed at the basket on top of the fridge, and then at the picture in her hand.

    What can you do? I gave the girl her candy.


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