“Consider an average college male-identified person,” the Title IX training exhorts.

As if any average college student used words like “male-identified.”

Folks, I’m telling you, I will issue rants about this every year for as long as I’m subjected to this training. Because that’s all I can do.

4 thoughts on “Average

    1. The training video suggests that the male-identified students don’t fear sexual assault or harassment. The author is so setting herself up to get in trouble with the trans community because transmen experience extremely high level of sexual harassment.


      1. I think “cis-heterosexual men” is too abstruse even for most university employees.

        [Of course there’s “locker room talk” and “frat boy hazing” (straight cis men harassing straight cis men) but that’s not covered under sexual harassment for some reason?]


        1. “98% of rapes are perpetrated by men! Yet women are the ones who are told not to drink too much and not to wear revealing clothing” the training instructor announces triumphantly. How this information is supposed to help me “save lives” is a mystery. It’s not like professors are the ones to tell anybody not to drink or dress conservatively.

          I’m going to be tested on this information at the end of the training. And if I get 75% of the answers about how many percent get assaulted and by whom, I am ready to go out there and save lives. Yippee.


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